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electribe sx dithering distortion trick

The Korg electribe SX native distortion effect lacks highfrequency content imho. I accidentally discovered how to add high distortion frequenci... read more

pre-echo beats

There’s something about mp3 what I like, and many others don’t like: transientsmear. When drums are compressed with (lofi) mp3, pre-echo’s are i... read more

liveset video

My buddy Roland invited me to his place, and before I knew it we had a live funkjam going on. Testing out some new patterns for a new liveset, h... read more

hardware sampler tricks

Ok since Im a sucker for oldschool hardware samplers and limitations, here are some tips which will wo... read more

hybrid setup

I’m familiar with DAW’s, but I’ve always worked with hybrid hardware/software setups. A while ago, I switched to this setup to keep musicproduct... read more

album online!

Its a fact! My latest album can be enjoyed on youtube.

Officially approved by the illuminati, for more info see the youtubepage! May th... read more