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hybrid setup

I’m familiar with DAW’s, but I’ve always worked with hybrid hardware/software setups. A while ago, I switched to this setup to keep musicproduction interesting and nonlinear: the korg electribe esx the tx16wx software sampler.


Usually, with hybrid setups swapping information becomes cumbersome, except in this particular setup. This setup is awesome imho, because it solves that problem by connecting both midi- and audio in/outputs with eachother. That causes the workflow to be very simple and fast. 

Simple demo

The basic idea

In the following picture you can see how this setup connects a fast hardware workflow, with a optional world of digital multi-outputs and optional pluginprocessing.

The electribe esx keyboard-parts do output polyphonic notes (when playing notes manually), so no need for an extra midi keyboard to control your vst(sampler)plugin(s). It also quantizes notes on the fly which i think is nice to have.

Resampling like a madman is the key in this setup:


Samplers will always be easy opensource environments for audio. Audio will never die as a dataformat, so the power of re-sampling is something which can be easily forgotten in this software-era.