/hΩme /♬ /∧bout  LEON DU STAR ɘlectronic funk music livɘ-artist from Europɘ


Leon Du Star is an dj,producer,musician and liveperformer (originally) from the Netherlands. Playing, loving, listening and creating funky groove music is his kungfu.


Leon Du Star’s audience consist of the most grooviest and funkiest people on earth.


Leon Du Star seems to inject his music with: techhouse, groove, funk, disco, jackin, chicago positive feelgood house.


Leon started playing piano when he was 8 years old. Already fascinated by synthesizers, he started messing with tapes and microphones. In 1994 He made his first productions using demoscene trackers on the PC and Amiga. In 2009 he finished building his first ‘studio’: an akai s01 sampler, a yamaha rm1x and PC running jeskola buzz (forerunner of VST technology).

His first release was ‘filterdisco revival’ on a US label Control / Re-freshing recordings ran by Kyle Pound and Brian Jones.

The follow up ‘Close to you’-release even reached the topseller chart on www.dancerecords.com, and was being touted by many as a great ‘Daft Punk Anthem’.

Leon Du Star’s remix of Hugo van Dyck’s ‘Give my love a try’ ended on David Guetta’s favorite charts.


Eventhough Leon has dj’ed on numerous events starting from 1994. These days he loves bringing his electribe hardware sampler live on stage, to just drop the funk live.


For his recent activities check his blog at www.leondstar.nl.