/hΩme /♬ /∧bout  LEON DU STAR ɘlectronic funk music livɘ-artist from Europɘ

recorded some new dubtechno

Dubtechno, a groovebox..and some nice wine :)

New funk livejam

This is my most recent funk explosion on the Electribe. After years of funk and house, I still can’t get enough of those minimal grooves with ca... read more

liveset at kuplung

Here’s the recording of a liveset i did in Budapest/Hungary. I hope you’re feeling the funk, and I want to especially thank Roland And Katalyn f... read more

CARLA a dream studiorack

Remember reason? It gives you that feeling of owning gear and patching cables.

Well, after a long software-break, I decided to check out... read more

electribe sx dithering distortion trick

The Korg electribe SX native distortion effect lacks highfrequency content imho. I accidentally discovered how to add high distortion frequenci... read more