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buze tracker studio

Buze really bridges the gap between external midi hardware, software studio & scripting & templating workflows. Buze ftw!

Today I build a temporary studio, and hooked some external midicontrollers & synths to Buze. Im really amazed how well this integrates with Buze’s tracker/plugin approach. Its a ‘studio in AND outside the box’ if you ask me :) I tweaked some of the scripts which were shipped with buze (yes the whole midi/audio engine is scriptable). Its amazingly fun, I can just click one plugin..and my script will map all important parameters to my midicontroller. 

This is one of the most well-integrated setup ever in my life. (In the past I was 100% midi hardware, and later on 100% software, and now these 2 can complement eachothers like they’ve never done before). Great stuff.