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5minute cake!

How would you impress your beloved friends, artists, and/or businessrelations?
Would you show him your latest tracks? Your new underpants?
Thats nothing! Nothing..compared to this:

The 5 minute cake!

How confident would you feel if you could make your friend a cake in 5 mins?
Imagine, how you could impress him/her with your feminine side?
woman kitchen cake

The 5 minute cake!

How can you do this? Very simple..together with a friend I discovered a great 1 dollar all-in-one package in the supermarket:
cake supermarket instant

Get started!

Put 30ml milk, 30ml oil, and 1 egg together with the powder. Put it 5 mins in the microwave and tell your friend to close his/her eyes. (yes you read it:microwave..not over..crazy isn’t it?)

Done deal!

Tell your friend to open his/her eyes and prepare to see her/him crying tears of joy!


This is really the strangest instant microwave product I’ve ever seen :)