/hΩme /♬ /∧bout  LEON DU STAR ɘlectronic funk music livɘ-artist from Europɘ

ghetto house

If there’s something I like..its JACKIN HOUSEMUSIC. The housemusic which moves, grooves and which gives you this funky, shuffle feel.

Ch... read more

disfunktion going strong!

Lately I’m checking out a lot of music, also made by friends. So check out my producerbuddies Disfunktion going strong! Check out their website ... read more

ny compression hack

In all my music, I like to apply NewYork Compression to phatten things up. Howev... read more

diy breakoutbox

Every men has an urge to ‘fix’ or ‘make’ stuff. Some men have it with their car, some with their house, some in their garden, and..ofcoarse some... read more

creating loops

Lately I’ve been doing lots of work in the studio, mainly creating loops which as much as funk as possible! I have lots of inspiration lately so... read more

align with this!

This track was specially made to make crowds enjoy some funky scratching, with some nice fast beats. Long time a go I was very much into turntab... read more