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new electribe esx

The package has arrived! A new old korg electribe esx with JJ tubes. What a beast! Next liveset will be done with this great tool. Actually I’m ... read more

thinking about esx

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about purchasing an instrument which promotes easy, idiotproof liveperformances.

Since I’ve done many li... read more

moving studio!

Currently Im moving my studio to Budapest by postmail. Im really excited since I put all my stuff into big boxes. This is the first time and I r... read more

buze tracker studio

Buze really bridges the gap between external midi hardware, software studio & scripting & templating... read more

buze mixer

Lately I realized it: I have a dreamstudio.

I’ve been really satisfied with my dreamsetup: read more

ghetto house

If there’s something I like..its JACKIN HOUSEMUSIC. The housemusic which moves, grooves and which gives you this funky, shuffle feel.

Ch... read more