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CARLA a dream studiorack

Remember reason? It gives you that feeling of owning gear and patching cables.

Well, after a long software-break, I decided to check out Carla (on Linux). And I have to say I’m impressed!

Finally a KISS pluginhost with multi-platform plugin-support:

One soft-studio rack

Finally one central place to organize all my soft-gear, my crossplatform wish has been granted! A portable soft-studio which can be fed midi and audio by anything.

Sequence as you wish

You can use carla as you wish:

I hope it will somehow support changing patches using midi program change message. Would be cool to change studiorack setups using your outboard midi gear.

How I plan to use CARLA

Im curious if this tool will make me sit more often in front of a computer. As stated before in articles, these days I dislike sequencing songs in DAW’s. I would love to use CARLA as a instrument interface connected to my hardware midi sequencer. Especially the native soundfont support finally allows me to organize my soundfont instrumentcollection. We’ll see :)