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buze mixer

Lately I realized it: I have a dreamstudio.

I’ve been really satisfied with my dreamsetup: Buze (a modular multiplugin-DAW), and LD Mixer (a modular multi-in/out mixer plugin).

Since this software is free, I want to give something back: my mixer skin!

Well..’my’ is a big word, I modified okapi/moon.god’s skin :D


Logic/Ableton/Cubase workflow in buze?

This is why I like buze. It already has the flexible multi-input/output routing, native controller plugins & Ableton-like envelopes in the pattern editor. Together with this mixer its the bomb. Read more about buze here.

Why is this mixer so great?

Its very modular and flexible..you can freely assign zillions inputs/outputs to any aux/channel/group. Finally something which comes close to an Ableton/Logic/Cubase-mixer. Luckily, this time the mixer can also benefit from the possibilities of a modulair DAW.


welcome ld mixer, meaning:

UPDATE: nowadays Buze has an internal (modular) mixer and now I prefer it over ld mixer