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diy breakoutbox

Every men has an urge to ‘fix’ or ‘make’ stuff. Some men have it with their car, some with their house, some in their garden, and..ofcoarse some with their computer.
Here’s what I just NEEDED tot make urgently:
DIY breakoutbox

As you can see it has a jack-in, and XLR-in connector, which is connected to my EMU0404 PCI soundcard. Now I can just plugin instruments after years of doing a special ‘snake’ exercise behind my computer.

A breakoutbox in 2011?

Yes, even with all the great nowadays USB soundinterfaces. Because when you have a desktopsystem which is really a winnersystem: protect it.
I refuse to change a winning team, I will  explain why:

Years ago, I read an interview with Michael Cretu (great producer), where he stated he was using really outdated software and hardware. His motivation was ‘never change a winning team’.

Never change a winning team

So here you have a producer who gets admired and interviewed by boys with all the latest toys, But the reality is, it are not the toys, its the person behind the toys.
Ok that was Michael, so..back to me:

I started making digital music in ‘94 with amiga’s, PC’s and  some midi hardware.
The road to where I am now, has been cluttered with bad-latency soundinterface experiences. Sometimes it was the hardware, or driver, or operating system.
Also, sometimes upgrading one thing/OS/soundcard, triggers a whole chain of other incompatiblity terror.
Conclusion: if you have a setup that works: KEEP IT (and make music).