/hΩme /♬ /∧bout  LEON DU STAR ɘlectronic funk music livɘ-artist from Europɘ


As an extention of my usual funky stuff, I had the priviledge to do the audiodesign, together with batsboy, for a videomapping-project directed by artist-collective ‘Born Digital’. For months we worked together with vj’s, 3dartists, directors, writers and other artist to come up with a crazy audiovisual-synced exposition.

Also..batsboy is a really great person to work with. I cannot tell too much about this person because I cannot reveil his real identity here.
It was held in Utrecht near the big tower called ‘De Dom’.

DJ op de Dom 2010; "War, Diplomacy & Peace from born digital on Vimeo.

It was very inspiring to work with all these talented people, and be able to put different musical moods together with many visual styles. Respect and thanx to all the people who made this possible! Thanx!