/hΩme /♬ /∧bout  LEON DU STAR ɘlectronic funk music livɘ-artist from Europɘ

october updates!

A lot of stuff is happening in the deep voidness of Funk. I’ve been very busy with preparing livesets, collaborations with various people, chitchatting with labelmanagers, and of course typing content for this newsletter.
Let these funkativities inspire you to listen/enjoy more funk, because the simplicity of Funk is sooo beautifull..

Stay tuned, because nice gigs & releases are planned !



Leon Du Star is featured on the ‘STOMPING GROUND’ E.P., which is just released on Reiki Records (TODAY!).
The track is called ‘The Bananacookie’, and is a collaboration between Leon Du Star and the funkguru’s of Disfunktion.

Check out the shops here or by pressing ‘play’ on the audioplayer located top-left!



There was a new rumor flying around the world, about the progressive house project between Leon Du Star & Daniel Maters. It claimed that the EZ Loopaz live-act will be doing a surprise performance in Marseille (FR). Well….ITS TRUE!!

Inside information also points out that they will be performing on the MAINparty at Marseille (FR), somewhere between October the 16th and 19th. MAINparty is a festival aimed at electronic music and computer artists, checkout more of this festival here..

check out the EZ Loopaz website at www.ezloopaz.com!

Sadhana performing at EKKO, Utrecht (NL)

  On the 9th of October around 22:30 pm, Sadhana, the live beatbox & dance-act will be performing in the EKKO. Leon Du Star will be doing the beatboxes, which will be visualized by the electrified boogie movies of dancer GL. If you have ever seen the Umbilical brothers you sure don’t wanna miss this!
Checkout GL’s promo clip in NYC (USA) here

Batsboy performing at Winkel Van Sinkel (Utrecht/NL)


On october the 26th around 0:30 pm, Leon Du Star will be performing with Batsboy, known for its pounding breakbeat-livesets. Information about how Leon Du Star will be cooperating with Batsboy, is not yet available. And maybe it will never be..it’ll be a big surprise. So put this date in your calendar, and get your asses over there!!
Check out the myspace of Batsboy here.